Having fallen in love with the amazing Kerbal Space Program, I have decided to log my attempt at a career in the games "hard" difficulty setting.

Since Let's Play videos exist in abundance, I felt that merely adding another one wouldn't really bring anything interesting to the table, which is why this will be a written account (there will, of course, be lots of images).

If you have stumbled upon this document without even knowing what KSP is: Expect rockets. Rockets being designed, rockets being flown and, occasionally, rockets blowing up.

About the Author

I'm foyrkopp, a random internet person who loves to think and talk about games almost as much as playing them.

If you wish to get in touch with me, do so at the forum thread or just email me.


Legal Stuff

Legal Contact

Preface Stuff

about Kerbal Space Program
KSP Physics
Mod List

Mission Log

01: Let's get Started
02: Reaching Orbit
03: Making Money
04: To the Mun!
05: Taxi inc.
06: Munar Milestones

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